Creating one of a kind art dolls is Martha's way of expressing her many interests: fantasy, folklore, history, fashion, ancient cultures, sewing, painting, her love of nature, and native art. In making dolls, she has the freedom to create whatever moves her; a fanciful fairy, a historically accurate rendition of some famous person, a native storyteller, or forest sprite made of gourds and twigs. The possibilities are endless.

Martha Boers is a highly talented doll artist, skilled in a variety of different media. She won International acclaim as part of the doll making team of Martha & Marianne, and her new solo works continue to amaze, and win awards. The doll art figures on this page have been grouped by media and theme. Just click on any of the Galleries below, to see a selection of Martha's dolls in that particular category.

Figures sculpted from Polymer Clay, or Paperclay.

Martha Boers worked with her sister Marianne Reitsma for 10 years, creating some amazing historical and fantasy figures.

Exquisite fashions for Asian ball-jointed dolls.

Figures incorporating mainly natural materials, both in the dolls themselves, and for unique creative costuming effects.

Figures inspired by the myths and legends of the Northwest Coast Native Peoples.

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