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The Injured Dragon

The young dragon holds his teddy bear close, as the kindly gnome tends to his injured hand, applying ointment and carefully wrapping the bandages to speed the healing.

Media: Woman's head, hands and feet of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature with a cloth body. Reddish mohair worn in a single braid, under her red embroidered cap. Wearing a patched blue brocade skirt, a white cotton puffed sleeve shirt, and a brown embroidered jacket laced up the front with silk ribbon. She has a leather bag over one shoulder and holds a roll of cotton bandaging.

Dragon: Entirely sculpted of Paperclay over a wire and aluminum foil armature. Wings are sewn cotton, with wire armature, and sculpted Paperclay top edge. He is painted with acrylics and has a back spine of blue fabric flower petals and feathers. He holds a tiny purchased teddy bear, and is seated on a driftwood log. Beside him are pots of ointment and more rolls of cotton bandages.

Height: 33 cm (13")

May-July 1997

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