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Inspired by some of the gowns in James Christensen's illustrations, this figure represents the transition of late summer into fall. The dark greens of late summer are taken over by the brilliant hues of autumn.

Media: Head, hands and feet of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature, with a cloth body. Her underskirt is a dark green tricot with a gold trim embroidered with fabric flower petals and beads. Her overskirt is a multi-hue velour embroidered with brown fuzzy yarn, fabric flower petals and beads. She has a green tight-fitting lower sleeve, and two puffed sleeves: one of gold lame, the other of multi-hue velour - both embellished with trim, fabric flower petals and beads. Her bodice is a wine red and black brocade with a beaded front. Her headdress is layers of green and gold lame embellished with flower petals, trims and beads. She has a dark green tricot wimple, and a necklace of gold and red beads.

Height: 46 cm (18")

December 2000

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