In an attempt to re-invent herself as a doll artist, Martha is experimenting with many different media. Drawn to the wonderful natural creations of Akira Blount, she decided to try create her own unique figures using as many natural items as possible. Going out into nature to collect materials for the figures, is half the fun, and trying to come up with innovative uses for many of the found objects can be a challenge. It definitely requires "thinking outside the box"!

Gourd Angel

The Mastadon Hunter

Astilbe Angel

Dogwood Angel

Pussy Willow Angel

"Let Them Eat Cake"

Eagle Warrior

Red Fox

Deer Hunter

Chilkat Shaman

Yellow Scout

Squaw with Firewood Bundle

Prairie Dawn, Maiden with Firewood

Fawn, Maiden with Firewood

Lily, Maiden with Firewood

Red Corn Kachina

Golden Amazon Warrior

Elk Drummer

Green Corn Kachina

Corn Maiden