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The lovely goddess of the hearth, stands holding a "flame" mask inspired by a Brian Froud illustration.

My first realistic figure sculpted in Paperclay.

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Media: Head, hands and feet of Paperclay, on a wire armature with a cloth body. Painted green eyes, long brown mohair. She wears an underskirt of dyed shredded cheesecloth. Her dress is an Indian scarf with a shredded painted bottom edge. Bodice and upper sleeves are gold-trimmed velour. Overskirt and hanging sleeves are dagged strips of dyed velour.

Props: She holds a "Flame" half-mask sculpted of Paperclay. Her hair is adorned with tiny fabric oak & maple leaves, grape tendrils, and beads.

Height: 47 cm (18 1/2")

March 2008

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