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First of Two

"Then suddenly, magically, from every quarter, creatures appeared, things that scurried, things that flew, hurrying, flying toward the Straggletag, engulfing her in a cloud of whirring, beating activity. While all looked on, bewildered, an extraordinary transformation took place. For before their eyes, the hapless, pathetic creature became a beautiful woman, standing radiant in a dress shimmering with gold, as if the sun had burst into the Great hall."

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Media: Head, hands, and feet or Super Sculpey, on a wire armature with a cloth body. Painted blue eyes, brown mohair. Dress of fine yellow fabrics and gold lame & laces. Embroidered with beads & sequins.

Props: Many small purchased birds with fur and feathers in their beaks are grouped on her right arm and lower right side of dress.

Height: 52 cm (20 1/2")

January 1991

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