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When her father is caught stealing a rose from the Beast's garden, Beauty barters her life for his, and goes to live at the Beast's castle.

This is my original version of Beauty. She was later taken apart and her head and hands replaced by ones sculpted by Marianne- twice.

Media: Head and hands of Super Sculpey on a wire armature, with a cloth body. Painted eyes, and long brown mohair with silk ribbon wreath with fabric and sculpted roses. Her under dress is of pink brocade with a fringed hem and several red and gold braid trims. Her over dress is of red brocade with gold trim. Dagged hanging sleeves are of pink and red brocades lined with pink brocades. Sculpted roses adorn her neckline.

Props: She holds the fateful stem of roses her father picked as a gift for her.

Height: 45 cm (18")

September 1991

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