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The Marshmallow Roast

Unexpected companions share an evening meal. The fierce griffin shares his marshmallows, and the knight shares his weapons for the roasting.

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Media: The griffin's head, hands & feet are of Super Sculpey, painted with acrylics. He has a wire armature with a cloth body, covered in painted fake fur. His neck and back of head are covered with individually glued feathers. The wings have a wire armature and are made of assorted feathers. The main flight feathers are from Canada geese. He has a cloth bag with marshmallows sculpted from white Sculpey.

The knight's head, hands and feet are of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature with a cloth body. Painted brown eyes, white mohair. Armour is of Super Sculpey, painted with silver pulver, and "antiqued" with acrylics. Leather belt and armbands with silver studs. Blue cloak, rabbit fur collar. Has a leather bag with various talismans tied to it.

Props: Spears are wood with sculpted tips. They are seated on a driftwood log.

Height: 50 cm (19 1/2")

May 1999

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